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Dr. Thorbjorn "Toby" Loch-Wilkinson

Dr Thorbjorn (Toby) Loch-Wilkinson is an Australian trained neurosurgeon with subspecialty interest in spinal conditions and peripheral nerve conditions. He is also comprehensively trained in and undertakes surgery in a wide spectrum of cranial and brain conditions.

Dr Loch-Wilkinson undertook neurosurgical training in multiple centres of excellence in Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia and received his fellowship from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in 2016. He has a private and public practice based at the Brisbane Private Hospital, the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, and Bay Medical Specialist Suites, Capalaba. He is also a visiting specialist with admitting rights at Darwin Private Hospital and the Royal Darwin Hospital.

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There are many spinal conditions that can have a serious impact on a patient’s mobility, function, and overall quality of life. Dr Loch-Wilkinson consults on and manages both adult and paediatric spine conditions for patients above the age of 14. Read more

Dr Loch-Wilkinson routinely manages the medical, surgical and neuro-oncological care of a wide range of brain, cranial nerve and skull conditions. He uses the latest technology and microsurgical techniques to achieve the best possible outcomes for you. Read more

Many peripheral nerve conditions may present with symptoms that mimic other conditions such as spinal or other muskuloskeletal conditions requiring careful diagnosis and tailored management. Read more
Dr Loch-Wilkinson is trained in AMA 5, CIME(ABIME) and GEPI and provides medico-legal services across most industries. He is an expert in comprehensive independent medical examinations. He considers all available information and after a thorough consultation can provide an independant, expert medical opinion and report which assist in managing client cases by answering client specific questions. Read more

Patients’ Information

With very few exceptions you will require a valid referral from another medical practitioner prior to consultation. This referral will usually be made by your General Practitioner (GP). Referrals from a GP are usually valid for twelve months and from a specialist usually three months. Reception staff will let you know if you require an updated referral at the time of your consultation.

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